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If you live in Winnipeg heating is an important issue to consider. How are you heating your home right now? How much are you paying to heat your home? How are your walls, windows and doors retaining your heat? These questions are important and can dictate a future decision to upgrade to a high efficiency system. We live in Winnipeg, and we know cold. Having a toasty warm house to come back to after a day of work is very nice. Lots of people set their thermostat to a colder temperature than they would normally prefer, just to save some energy and some money. They like to have blankets and sweaters in full rotation through the winter, and though this can be comfortable, a high efficiency furnace is a great investment. If you like wool socks and knit sweaters, we can’t blame you. However, they don’t take the place of a high efficiency furnace as some may have thought. The first step is up to you. Make the call and find the answers to any questions you may have. Take the first step towards a lower heating bill, a warmer house, and a smaller carbon footprint. Take the first step today!


Air Conditioning

Does anybody else feel like we have exceptionally hot summers? Perhaps our cold winters make our summers feel hotter in a relative sense. Whatever the reason, those few months of summer that we get can be drastically improved with a cool place to live. We’ve all been there, driving home from work in a boiling hot car. Sometimes a simple fix is a nice cold beverage, but a nice 18 or even 16 degree home is a reliable, always ready relief of boiling-car-syndrome. Or any other heat induced fatigue for that matter. The bottom line is, air conditioning was once a luxury, advertised on restaurant billboards. On hot days people used to flock to restaurants like these just to enjoy the temperature. Now, obviously it is quite common to have a cooling unit in your home. You probably already do. But how much are you paying to keep your home relaxingly cool? Call us today and ask about a new air conditioner for your home and find out how easy it can be.


About Us

Years of experience. Customer service excellence. Honesty. Punctuality. What more do you want to hear? Our many years in this industry have given us the confidence to guarantee your experience. Not only will you get what you want, it will be easier than ever for you. The process is utterly simple, and that’s what makes us a pleasure to deal with. We take all of the complications into our own hands, and involve you in the essentials. We’ll tell you what you need to know, and whatever you want to know. And this goes both ways! Customer involvement is important to us, so when we’re working in your space we like to know everything we need to know, and anything you feel we should know. Communication goes a long way, and it’s important to us that this is a two way street. Talk to us, we’re great listeners! Because of this, our customers can’t be happier. Their projects get completed with no surprises, and if anything doesn’t quite go to plan, we quickly find a solution that works for you.

High Efficiency

What is high efficiency and is it something I really need?

It saves you money!

Having a high efficiency furnace installed will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint!

Expert Technicians

Our staff is comprised of only the best, most knowledgeable technicians.

We`re nice, too!

You and your home deserve respect, and we`ll bring it from start to finish!


The climate outside is unpredictable, but the climate in your home shouldn`t be.

Your Comfort!

Comfort begins with something simple. Temperatue. Let`s take care of that!

Quality Heating and Cooling is run by industry experts on Winnipeg heating and cooling. Because of our extreme climate it is important that home heating services can get out to job sites quickly. If you need a furnace repair man, and they can’t make it out within a few hours this could not only cause extreme discomfort to you and your family, but could also cause damage to your property in the form of bursting pipes and cracking drywall.

Convenience is of utmost importance to our clients. We put an emphasis on making sure jobs are completed in a way that is convenient to the homeowner. Completing quality work in a timely manner and working around client’s schedules and needs has been the key to our success. It is no surprise that over 75% of our new clients come from referrals from past clients that have been impressed with the professionalism of the heating contractors we employ.

Whether you need a new furnace installation, cleaning or replacement, we guarantee that when it comes to Winnipeg furnace contractors you will not find a better company than Quality Heating and Cooling.