Air Conditioning was once considered a luxury, but it’s slowly becoming a necessity!

Quality Heating & Cooling is ready to install a new air conditioner or give your current one a tune up, just ask!

A new air conditioner unit is a great idea. Maybe not if you’re reading this in November, but otherwise maybe it’s time! They say any given air conditioner unit lasts between 7 and 10 years, which is a great guideline to follow. However, if you find your home could be cooler, perhaps your unit isn’t producing enough cool for the size of home you occupy. Or there is always a chance of some detrimental problems with certain parts in your current air conditioner that a repair could solve and bring back the cooling power. Regardless, Quality Heating and Cooling would be happy to discuss a new unit with you and possible installation procedures that would be required. The removal of your old unit is obviously important, and we’re happy to do that to.

We offer a wide range of air conditioner units that will effectively cover any customers needs, from 500 square foot bungalows to 5000 square foot mansions. Both of these scenarios and all in between deserve to be fully climate controlled, and in the summer that starts with an efficient air conditioner.