Winnipeg Furnace Service

Keeping your furnace in check or replacing it with a new one is especially important¬†in Winnipeg’s climate!

The average Manitoban household spends $734 annually on heating costs alone. It is clearly a very large expense for the people who have chosen to live here. There are so many factors that make up that cost. What type of heating are you using? Are there any leaks or deficiencies with your current system? How well are your wall insulated? Are you losing heat through door cracks that need attention? These questions are important, and they barely scratch the surface. At Quality Heating and Cooling we offer a range of solutions to your heat producing issues. Whether you’re looking for a new unit, or a different type of unit we’re here to help.

Get us on the phone and let’s set something up. We’d love to send a qualified technician over to evaluate your situation and move forward. Most people don’t even realize how bad their situation is and spend months spending useless money. That extra money could be even more than the cost of a new unit if you finance over a few years. And why wouldn’t you? You’re always going to be paying a heating bill, right? We aren’t going to have a warm winter, and if we did, you’d probably spend it at the lake anyway. Talk to us, let’s find out what the problem is and provide a sensible solution. Take the first step and give us a call, today!

Natural gas is by far the most common product people use to heat their homes, I’m sure most readers know this already. Propane is used in some situations, more often found in remote locations like a cottage or a farm as it is something that is typically readily available for delivery in mass quantities. For homes within the city,¬†natural gas tends to make a lot more sense. Regardless of your situation or if you’re looking for a new furnace to be installed or simply a repair of your old furnace, we’ve got you covered!