Furnace Installation Winnipeg

A new furnace in Winnipeg is a step that everyone should take sooner than they think. You heat your house for 7 or 8 months of the year, and a new, high efficiency furnace will keep you toasty warm and positively impact your wallet and the environment. A furnace is measured in efficiency by what percentage of the heat generated from the ignited gas makes it through your ducting system and into your home. There are typically two classes, 80% and 95% efficiency. With the latter, only 5% of the heat is escaping, so a lot less gas needs to be burned to heat your home. Old furnaces are typically found to only have about 60% efficiency.

How does this translate to energy? Well, an old furnace because 40% of the heat is escaping without being harnessed, they needed to be burning a lot more gas. Perhaps 100,000 BTUs. A new furnace even if it is only 80% efficient only has to produce 80,000 BTUs to produce more captured heat for your home. 20,000 BTUs can make a huge difference in your bills. Furthermore, a quality high efficiency furnace that runs at 95% efficiency will return the best results.

Here is a graph of how many BTUs of heat energy is required from each efficiency level to get 60,000 BTUs of heat into the ducts and into the home. These are good variables to relate because the BTUs initially required are the ones you pay for. If you can be paying for almost all of the BTUs that you’re using, you’re far better off.

Old Furnace 100,000 BTUs at 60% efficiency: 60,000 BTUs 100BTUs
New Furnace 75,000 BTUs at 80% efficiency: 60,000 BTUs 75BTUs
New Furnace 63,100 BTUs at 95% efficiency: 60,000 BTUs 63BTUs