Heating water has been around for centuries, we all know this.

Having that on tap in your home is an absolute requirement.

Having hot water is something that everybody takes for granted, until your system fails on you. Then it hits you how important hot water is to your home. Having a nice hot shower or bath is part of every persons routine, and removing that can make one very uncomfortable. Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, Quality Heating and Cooling has you covered. Not all Winnipeg heating and cooling businesses cover these projects, but we proudly do. We’re ready to install a new unit for you or make any repairs or perhaps preventative maintenance to prolong your water heaters life. When your water heaters life ends where will you be? Get it replaced before you have to worry about it. Trust us. Trust anybody who has gone through it.

A new water heater is an excellent idea in a lot of cases. An electric unit can be an easy addition to any system as there are no requirements for an exhaust. Regardless of the type you would like, a new unit can not only heat water quicker and more efficiently, it can keep it hot a lot longer. This is all in the name of cheaper bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Perhaps the number of people in your home has increased and you run out of hot water before everybody has had their morning shower. This is the time to consider a new unit, and possibly a tank-less system. These systems heat the water on demand, meaning less waste keeping an entire tank of water hot even when you’re not using it. Give us a call and lets discuss your options.